Exploring the Best Blue-Flag Beaches on the Costa del Sol: Marbella Edition

When it comes to sun-soaked shores and pristine sands, Marbella stands out as a jewel on the Costa del Sol. This year, Marbella proudly boasts six blue-flag accolades, the highest in any of the municipalities along this picturesque coastline. With an impressive 27 kilometers of coastline, Marbella offers a beach for every preference. Let’s dive into the beauty and safety of Marbella’s blue-flag beaches, with a special focus on those closest to Rio Real.

Marbella’s Blue-Flag Wonders

Marbella’s coastline is adorned with five blue-flag beaches, and the prestigious Marbella Marina adds a sixth to the list in 2020. These accolades underline the commitment to maintaining the highest environmental and safety standards.

Stay Safe with the Costa del Sol Tourist Board App

In the current landscape, safety on the beaches is a top priority. The Costa del Sol tourist board has unveiled a mobile app that’s a game-changer for beachgoers. Available for both Android and iOS, this app provides real-time information on beach conditions, including the number of people present, temperature readings, sea conditions, and even the presence of jellyfish. For those preferring a desktop experience, the same information is accessible on their website.

Best Beach Near Rio Real: El Cable Beach

For golf enthusiasts enjoying the beauty of Rio Real, El Cable Beach emerges as the ideal coastal companion. Not only does it hold the coveted blue-flag status, but it’s also one of Marbella’s quieter beaches.

Type of Beach: El Cable boasts golden sands, typical of Marbella’s blue-flag beaches, stretching along the coast for an impressive 1,650 meters.

Facilities: Beachgoers can relax on sun beds and under parasols, with the added bonus of exclusive privileges at the renowned El Trocadero beach club for guests staying at Rio Real Hotel.

Why Visit: El Cable Beach invites you to indulge in leisurely strolls along the shore, with its south-facing position offering stunning sunrise and sunset views.

Best Urban Beach: El Faro Beach

Nestled in the heart of Marbella, El Faro Beach is a true urban oasis. As the sole blue-flag beach in central Marbella, it effortlessly combines beach bliss with the vibrancy of the resort.

Type of Beach: Though not the largest, El Faro is characterized by its sandy and expansive shoreline.

Facilities: With top-notch amenities, including sun beds, parasols, lifeguard services, showers, restrooms, and disabled access, El Faro ensures a comfortable seaside experience. Numerous beach bars and restaurants provide ample dining options.

Why Visit: Positioned conveniently in the center of Marbella, El Faro Beach allows you to seamlessly blend a beach day with sightseeing, dining, and shopping in the bustling resort.

In summary, Marbella’s blue-flag beaches offer not only natural beauty and relaxation but also a commitment to safety and environmental standards. Whether you’re near Rio Real or exploring the heart of Marbella, these beaches promise an unforgettable coastal experience. So, grab your sunscreen and beach towel – Marbella awaits!

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