I will find your dream home 🏡, here’s why:

3 years ago I analysed the market in Spain while I was “on my own search” and understood what was missing. I took notes, listened to agents, lawyers, clients and their needs. Unfortunately, many agents don’t actually listen to be the most helpful, but to get the most commission. The whole process felt wrong and I recognised the opportunity to do things differently.

How about putting the client first and doing what it takes to find the property they want regardless of the commission?

After working with luxury properties for the past 9 years, traveling to 72 countries, seeing the most luxurious places in the world and going through the process of buying my own real estate, from lawyers to notary offices, I have now partnered with professionals in Marbella, Spain to facilitate a smooth buying process from A-Z. We will also open a new office in Marbella Center to welcome you next month.
I have been clear about my purpose in life and business — helping people. The past 10 years I have dedicated to creating the best lifestyle for you with all the different ways in-person and online.
Now.. where do you want to live? I went all over the world and discovered the best quality of life is here. Everything from weather to healthcare. I will go more in-depth in a blog on jessemeester.com.
I now put myself in your shoes; caring about your dreams and plans as you visit, rent or even buy a home in Costa Del Sol. It might be “overwhelming” but that’s where we come in to guide you from A-Z with trustworthy partners from Sweden and Netherlands.

And before you know it, you’re living your dream life and the only question left is why you didn’t make the move sooner.

To help you with your dream home, I’m committed to:

* Service
* Trust and respect
* Creating change
* Engaging with your thoughts
* Listening to your needs and doubts
* Understanding you and your ideal property
* Consistently delivering on promises
So.. when will I see you?